Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aqua Tourism by Matsyafed

Location :- Poothotta [10km from Thripunithura, kumarakom road ]

What to do :
  • Pay the Rs 200/- entry fee and choose the welcome drink that comes with it.
  • Enjoy the initial view and wander around in amazement. [ free of cost of course]
  • Be sensible and ASK what to do next.
  • Take the speed boat ride to another island.
  • And then do whatever you feel like.
  • Enjoy the paddle boats, tug boat, fishing, swimming [ and if you are really inventive, you can even get chased around by a dog guarding the border]
  • The karimeen fisf fry+curry meals comes with the package, so dig in.
  • So does an ice cream.
  • Enjoy the day, [get trapped in the net if you can] and return back home
  • A perfect one day getaway. especially if you are looking for a cheap one.


Amal said...

great pics!should visit this place sometime!

Red Handed said...

Its cheap and totally worth it..the hammucks and the awesome food!

Nevin said...

@aml, yes u shud.
@red handed, i totally agree :)

VINEESH said...

its a very wonderful place